When Monster Hunter 4: Battle for the Sun is released: It’s a good one

When Monster Hunter 4: Battle for the Sun is released: It’s a good one

A new monster hunter game from Capcom is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016, the studio announced.

Monster Hunter is a reboot of the franchise, which is also a sequel to the 2005 PSP RPG Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. It was first announced back in February 2016.

The game will launch in the Americas in 2018, Europe in 2019, Australia in 2020, Japan in 2021, and the rest of the world in 2022.

A limited number of Monster Hunter PS4 and Xbox Ones will also get a Monster Hunter: The Ultimate Collection, which includes the original Monster Hunter title plus three additional expansion packs: the Hunter of Monsters Expansion, the Monster Hunter V: Monster Hunter’s Revenge Expansion, and a “Tiger of Fury” expansion.

The expansion packs include new creatures, gear, weapons, and accessories for the game’s three main characters, and three new Monster Hunter games.

“We’re really excited about the Monster and Hunter series, and Monster Hunter Online,” Capcom said in a press release.

“Monster Hunter 4 is our first Monster Hunter game and will be the first game in the MonsterHunter series to offer new and improved Monster Hunter gameplay features, including the new MonsterHunter 4 Ultimate Collection.”

The announcement came a few days after Capcom released a new trailer showing off the game, and featured the new monsters.

It’s hard to tell if the new trailer shows off the monsters, or if the game is just another trailer to show off the new features.

The trailer doesn’t seem to show new monsters at all, which would indicate that the game has a lot of them in the game.

A Capcom representative confirmed to Polygon that the new game will be “very similar” to Monster Hunter 3G.

It’ll be available for free online, but the PS4 version will cost $60 and the Xbox One version will be $70.

The Monster Hunter series has sold over 2.5 million units worldwide, according to the NPD Group, and Capcom has also recently released a Monster Hunt 4 DLC pack.

Monster hunter is currently available for iOS and Android, and is a free-to-play game.

You can check out our Monster Hunter roundup for the latest news.

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