The third film in 3m Window films trilogy, new title said

The third film in 3m Window films trilogy, new title said

Film-makers have been given the green light to start work on 3m: The Third Movie, the third film to explore the life of the late Gandhiji.

The film-maker, Peter Tracey, will be writing and directing. 

He is a veteran of the British and US blockbusters of the 1980s and 90s. 

“The 3m Film trilogy has always been about Gandhvi and the people who loved him,” said Tracey.

“It’s an extraordinary story that touches on all the major issues in Indian history and the way the Gandhives shaped India and its people.” 

Gandhi is the longest-serving prime minister of the world, having ruled India for nearly eight decades.

The first film, The 3m Movie, was released in March 2016, and it starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Farrell.

The second film, 3m, was a critical and commercial success, earning £18m at the box office and bringing in $60m at auction. 

The third film, which will be released in early 2019, is due to be released on March 18.

Tracey will have a hand in the production.

“I’ve been involved in three of the films so far and I’ve worked with everyone,” he said.

“I’ve worked on the original 3m and I’m very excited about this one.”

Tracey has been working on the project for more than two years, and said he was confident that the final product would be as good as the first. 

It was an important moment for the project, he said, as he was able to explore topics he was passionate about, including the Gandhi legacy.

“He’s been a big part of the culture of India for centuries and this is an opportunity to make something that is very different,” he added. 

Gandi’s name will be included in the credits, and will be read in the film’s credits. 

Tracey added: “He’s a very powerful figure.

He was an amazing leader, a very charismatic man, he’s a brilliant strategist and he’s had a very interesting career.” 

The 3M Film trilogy will be made by the award-winning director Peter Trady. 

Source: BBC Sport

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