Hercules Film Festival’s director, Andy Mollenkopf, dies at 94

Hercules Film Festival’s director, Andy Mollenkopf, dies at 94

Hercules’ director, director of the documentary series, Andy Moore, has died at 94.

Moore, who has directed at least four films in the series, including the documentary, Hercules, died Saturday at his home in London.

Hercules premiered in 2008 at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and has been nominated for five Emmys.

Moore worked on other documentaries, including The First World War and The Last Frontier.

The film has a total budget of more than $1 million and is being produced by Hercule.

Moore is survived by his wife, Susan Moore, his children and two grandchildren.

The director’s son, Robert, will produce the film.

Hercule is the first film to be made entirely from documentary footage.

The first-ever documentary feature on Netflix, the documentary has been viewed more than 1.2 billion times.

Moore was born in London in 1923.

He attended Edinburgh’s King’s College and University before joining the Royal Society of Edinburgh and later becoming a professor at the Royal College of Art.

In 1966 he became the first person to direct a documentary, the first documentary feature to be released on a Netflix-exclusive channel.

Moore directed the first two feature-length documentaries, The Last World War (1973) and The First, and the first series of short films.

Herculis (1975) was followed in 1976 by Herculides.

In 1978, Hercules won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and in 1981, Hercule was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Short Documentary.

Moore also directed several documentaries for PBS and PBS Digital, and received a special mention for the best documentary short for his documentary series The Last Countryman.

His last feature, The Final Frontier, was released in 2000.

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