Which film made Gandhi?

Which film made Gandhi?

Film producer-director Praveen Jha has decided to put the film behind him after India’s Gandhi’s legacy was tarnished by its controversial ending. 

His decision came after the film was shown to the Indian Parliament and the film’s makers were accused of breaching their contractual obligations.

The film, about the Indian revolutionary leader, won’t be shown in India.

Jha, who has directed more than 60 films including The Princess Bride, American Sniper, The Lord of the Rings and The Fifth Element, said the film had been made with a sense of regret, but he hoped to be able to make it.

“I was hoping that the film could become the poster child for India and Indian films.

It had been my passion for films since I was a kid,” Jha said in an interview.

Johi, who made the film with his wife and two sons, is now trying to revive the project.

“This is not a film that I can just put away and hope for the day when it will come out in the West,” he said.

“We’ve tried to make a film for the people who loved Gandhi and wanted to see him as a person and not just as a film,” Jhasa said.

The first trailer for Gandhi’s last film, The Great Escape, went viral on social media in January and attracted praise from the likes of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. 

However, the film is a critical and controversial piece of history, especially after the violent suppression of Gandhi’s followers and the subsequent murder of his wife, who was the leading figure in the uprising against British rule.

The film is currently in post-production and will be released later this year. 

“We have been told we have to put Gandhi’s name back on the film.

We are not the ones to decide,” Jhi said.

Jhasa is now focusing on other projects including the film of his late wife, former prime minister Indira Gandhi, that was recently made and is being distributed in India, and he hopes to produce a film based on the life of former President Mohammad Mosaddeq, who ruled the country from 1952 to 1977.

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