‘Rapey’ film sets out to prove it can be done

‘Rapey’ film sets out to prove it can be done

RAPEY is set to be the first Irish film to set out to be filmed in Ireland.

The film, which was directed by Michael Connolly, is being produced by the Dublin-based company that is also behind the recent film The Devil’s Advocate.

The project, which will be released in the UK and Ireland in January, will be produced by Michael Fitzgerald.

The story follows a teenage girl who is sexually abused by a stranger in a rural area of the US.

The young girl has become a victim of domestic abuse and is now looking for answers to the mystery surrounding her sexual abuse.

She becomes a part of a group of teenagers who are searching for answers and uncovering a dark and disturbing truth about the abuse.RAPEY has been described as a “sensational and moving” film that will change the way people think about the rape of children in Ireland, and will also challenge traditional attitudes about the crime.

It is also the first film to be shot in Ireland by a local production company.

The director said that he was “proud to be part of this film, and its story”.

“The idea of making a film about the sexual abuse of a child is something that is very hard to believe,” he said.

“We believe that rape is wrong and it’s something that we need to address, and I hope it is seen as something that changes attitudes in Ireland.”RAPEy is the second film by Michael Cormack to be released on Irish shores.

In April, his film The Last Word came out in Ireland for the first time.

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