When did we first realise that our own lives were worth more than money?

When did we first realise that our own lives were worth more than money?

Posted October 05, 2018 16:03:58For the past six years, we’ve been told that the best way to keep us in control of our finances is to have a plan, to have an action plan, and to get things done.

In fact, a good plan has become the de facto way of life for a large number of people, and that’s great.

But when we stop paying attention to our plans, the things that seem to matter most become a mere footnote.

As we move deeper into adulthood, we start to lose the ability to make meaningful decisions.

This happens because we’ve become conditioned to believe that we should be the one making the decisions.

It’s the way we’re taught to think and it’s the reason why people who want to become entrepreneurs often have to give up on their dreams.

I was once an entrepreneur.

It was in 2008.

I had a brilliant idea: make a $10,000 gift card and sell it on the secondary market for $100.

The plan worked.

The card was the first of its kind and I was thrilled.

I thought the card was worth $50,000.

It wasn’t.

It sold for $4,500.

And it’s not that I was foolish or a loser.

It just happened to be the most expensive gift card I’d ever ever sold.

I’m not a financial expert.

I have no degree or background in finance.

But I have a very basic understanding of how the world works and how the way that we buy and sell things works.

I’m a very pragmatic guy.

I have a deep respect for the power of hard work.

I am not a money guy.

But then I also realize that when we put all that hard work into something, it takes more time to realize it’s a good idea than it does to make it a reality.

When we start focusing on a plan or action, we lose sight of our underlying values.

Our values are about being good stewards of our time and money.

Our core values are all about having fun.

We’ve got a lot of fun.

And the only thing that seems to make us happier is getting paid to have fun.

When I started my career in finance, the best advice I was given was to put the time in and work hard.

I wanted to be great at something, and I believed in myself enough to do whatever it took.

I was the type of person who was always happy to work harder.

I loved to learn.

I believed in the power and worth of hardworking people.

But as I began to spend more time doing things other than my job, I began having a harder time believing in myself.

I started thinking that everything I did was somehow “meh” or “not good enough”.

I felt as though I had to work twice as hard to be a successful financial manager.

And when I got out of finance, I started seeing that I didn’t know what to do with my time.

I didn and couldn’t find the right job.

It seemed that every time I tried, I had no idea what I was doing.

I realized that I needed to change my way of thinking about things.

It took me a few years to get my head around this.

I came to realise that when you’re doing things for fun, the only way to make a real difference is to put a lot more effort into them.

I began focusing more on my work, and by doing that, I realized the importance of getting to know people.

I started taking my clients out to dinner, and when we got to the restaurant, I’d put on my shoes and go sit in the back with them.

We’d talk about the company and share stories and see how they were doing.

It felt really good.

And it was a lot better than having lunch alone.

I had to learn to be patient and considerate.

I needed a lot from my clients and the way I handled their financial problems made a huge difference.

But the biggest change I made was to be more aware of what was going on in my own life.

The way I was seeing things had to change.

My relationships had to improve.

My money had to come out of my own pocket.

And so, I set out to build a team.

The goal was simple: I wanted people who were willing to listen to me.

People who weren’t good enough to listen would be rejected.

People who weren`t smart enough to know what I wanted would be ignored.

I wasn’t looking for a team to be “in the know”.

It was a team that was going to listen and do what was necessary.

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