Harry Potter films ‘must-see’ for fans

Harry Potter films ‘must-see’ for fans

A top-rated Harry Potter film has been in a bidding war to secure the rights to remake the blockbuster TV series The X-Files, the source said Monday.

The film adaptation of the sci-fi series is being developed by a group led by David Chase, who also co-wrote the hit CBS series and is producing a TV movie.

Chase has been developing the X-files remake since the series’ 2010 reboot.

Chase said he and fellow producers Adam Goldberg and Michael Green have been working on the project since May.

The X Files was originally slated to return for a 10th season in 2019.

The new season of The X, slated to premiere in 2020, will be filmed in New Zealand and Australia, with the film set to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 17.

Chase is currently working on a new CBS show based on the popular series, CBS All Access, and is in the midst of a series of TV projects, including a film adaptation for HBO.

Chase also is developing a new spinoff TV series, The X Factor.

The cast includes Chris Carter, Gina Rodriguez, Michelle Dockery, Lili Reinhart, Michael Peña, John Carroll Lynch, Sam Shepard, Laura Prepon, Paul Feig, and Sarah Chalke.

Chase and his production company, A24, are working on multiple projects, according to Variety.

The script is being written by Chase, and the project is being produced by Chase’s company and ABC Studios, which is also producing The X. The producers of the X Files reboot have been trying to secure an X-FILES sequel since 2010.

That attempt was derailed when the series was canceled by ABC after a year and a half after the original aired.

Development Is Supported By

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