Which TV series are you watching this year?

Which TV series are you watching this year?

Here are some of the top TV shows of the year.1.

The Big Bang Theory – This show features Sheldon Cooper, a young physicist who is the star of the show.

He’s obsessed with the theory of inflation, and uses it to help solve problems.

Sheldon is constantly frustrated that his theories are wrong, and is always trying to learn more about it.

His father, Leonard, is a scientist, but Sheldon is never allowed to study his work because of his father’s reputation.

Sheldon and Leonard meet their future love interest, Penny, who has a scientific degree, and they are able to find out the truth about the theory.

They work together to solve the problems of the universe.2.

Modern Family – This series follows the lives of two middle-class families in New York City.

One is headed by an artist who has an obsession with the beauty of the human form, while the other is a man who believes that men are more beautiful than women.

They both want to get out of the house and do more.3.

Once Upon a Time – This new ABC family sitcom is a love story between two young women, Snow White and Cinderella, who both want the same thing.

Their love for each other is what pushes them to accomplish amazing things.4.

House of Cards – The main characters are two young lawyers who are married to the titular House of Commons.

Both are trying to solve crimes, but one of them has her sights set on the presidency.

They find themselves at odds over a certain piece of evidence, and it has a huge impact on their lives.5.

Scandal – Scandal is a political thriller that is about the corruption of the American political system.

It follows the exploits of two politicians who both have political ambitions, and are both trying to get reelected.6.

The Good Wife – The show centers on the FBI’s newest agent, Liz Lemon, who’s trying to help her father, who is a federal judge.

She has a complicated relationship with her father.

Her father’s actions lead her to question her morals and morals.

She is ultimately able to save her father’s life.7.

The Originals – The ABC drama series is a family drama about the life of a family of criminals who go on a series of killings to get their next victim.

They are also very good at it.8.

The Amazing Race – The Amazing race series focuses on the challenges and achievements of the participants.

The show revolves around the race car driver, Ben Savage, who gets his first taste of the road when he races in the finale of season 2.9.

Modern Girl – This drama series centers on a teenage girl named Lizzy, who finds her best friend, Chloe, has gone missing.

Lizzy’s family tries to find her and she gets into trouble for doing something that was done to her in the past.10.

The Blacklist – The Black list is an espionage drama about a team of FBI agents.

The plot revolves around a CIA agent who has been tracking a hacker called Mark, who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company.

He is working for the Chinese government, who wants to control the internet and the economy.11.

The OA – The OAs drama series follows a young woman named Claire, who comes to New York and starts to find things in the world that are out of her control.

She starts to notice things that make her feel vulnerable, and decides to explore that.12.

How I Met Your Mother – This sitcom about a married couple who are struggling to maintain their marriage, as they move through life.

It focuses on a young couple, Lily and Josh, who try to maintain a good relationship with their son, Will, who suffers from autism.13.

Scrubs – The series centers around a group of scientists who have been studying a cure for cancer, but they discover a cure could kill millions of people.

They use their research to get a Nobel Prize, but some of their friends are against it, and a group that includes Lily, a scientist and an entrepreneur, tries to prevent the Nobel Prize from going to a group who has no Nobel Prize to be awarded.14.

The Leftovers – This HBO series focuses in on the people and places of the U.S. after a catastrophic storm.

It centers on two people, Jesse and Dean, who find themselves stranded in an island that’s supposed to be their home.

They live in a small town called Camp Camp Half Moon and their town is under attack from some other people.

It’s up to the two of them to try to survive the attack and to try and get the town back together.15.

The Vampire Diaries – The Vampire series follows four vampire hunters who are sent to the fictional town of Westbury.

The story revolves around their relationship with each other, their love for one another and the town.

They fight for survival, and when one of the hunters gets hurt, they all need

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