Trump to use nuclear arsenal to kill North Korean leader

Trump to use nuclear arsenal to kill North Korean leader

President Donald Trump is expected to use his nuclear arsenal against North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un on Sunday to destroy the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal and bring it down, according to the State Department and U.S. intelligence agencies.

In a tweet Friday, Trump said the president “will do everything in my power to destroy” Kim Jong-un’s regime, which he described as the “world’s single greatest threat to peace and security.”

The statement said the U.N. Security Council would consider imposing new sanctions against Pyongyang.

U.S., South Korea, Japan and China have agreed to deploy a missile defense system to South Korea.

The U.K. is sending the first-ever nuclear-capable submarine to the United States to bolster the defense of the country.

China, Russia and India also plan to deploy their own nuclear-armed submarines.

North Korea has been threatening to attack the U-2 spy plane, which has been flying over the U,S.

for about a year.

“I will take out the North Korean nuclear arsenal,” Trump said Friday during a speech to the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Trump has previously said he will use nuclear weapons to stop North Korea from testing its nuclear weapons, a policy that could cause major chaos in the region.

He has not ruled out a preemptive strike.

This comes after Trump told reporters that North Korea has “a lot of nukes, plenty of nuclear weapons.”

Trump, speaking in his home state of Florida, said he would order the U .

S. to take out Kim Jong Il’s regime and his father and grandfather.

South Korean officials said North Korea will probably not retaliate for Trump’s threat to use force, though the government is concerned that Kim Jong Nam, North Korea ‘s leader, might try to use diplomacy to negotiate with Trump.

North Korea said Friday that it was “ready to engage” with the United Nations, which it has called to discuss ending the crisis.

On Friday, the U.-S.

and South Korea will deploy a nuclear-powered submarine and missile defense systems, according.

A North Korean government spokesman said on Friday that North Korean forces were “ready” to strike U.R. 2, a U.M.F.O. submarine that the North is believed to be preparing for an attack on the U.(Reuters) The Pentagon said the Pentagon is not sure what will happen to the U.,S.

nuclear weapons system.

The Pentagon also has not said what the U ,S.

will do with the nuclear weapons.

Trump has threatened to attack North Korea before.

Kim has fired missiles at Guam and Japan in recent weeks, threatening nuclear attacks on U.H.I.V. carriers that are operating in the Pacific Ocean.

The U.J.S.(R) missile-defense system, a system designed to defend against short-range ballistic missiles, was deployed in October and November in anticipation of a North Korean missile attack.

North Korean state media reported Friday that Pyongyang will deploy more than 1,200 warheads on its missile launchers to ensure a military deterrent, adding that it has tested nuclear weapons and missiles since the end of the Korean War.

North and South Korean officials say North Korea conducted its third nuclear test on Sept. 3, raising fears of a new threat from Pyongyang, and the United Nation Security Council unanimously approved a U .

N. resolution that banned Pyongyang from developing nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles.

North’s missile tests have raised concerns in Washington that the regime may be rethinking its nuclear programs, and Trump has called for the U to take further steps against North.

North Koreans have been testing and testing missiles since early 2018.

The U .

K. and China are also in talks on the future of the nuclear-tipped missile system.

China and South Koreans agreed to send the first U.O.-1 ballistic missile to Japan.

At the White House on Friday, National Security Adviser H.

R: McMaster said the nuclear agreement was an agreement on the use of nuclear technology.

McMaster, the former general who heads the National Security Council, said Trump was confident that the new deal would give North Korea a “better shot at success.”

McMaster said Trump has said repeatedly that the U s nuclear arsenal is the most powerful in the world.

But McMaster said North has no intention of developing nuclear-weapon capabilities.

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